All meals and snacks are provided in the below prices. If you would like to bring a packed lunch for your child once they are in our preschool room, this can be arranged. 


Breakfast is served until 8.30am, hot dinner is served at 12pm and a light tea at 4.30pm


Nappies and wet wipes are included in the fees (up to size 6)

Sessions                                     Pre-school, Toddlers & Babies 

Per hour                                      £5.85 

9am to 12pm or 1pm to 4pm        £17.55 

9am to 1pm                                £25.90 

8am to 12pm                              £24.40 

8am to 1pm                                £32.75 

1pm to 5pm                                £24.40 

1pm to 6pm                                £30.25 

8am to 4pm                                £50.30 

9am to 4pm                                £43.45 

9am to 5pm                                £50.30 


                            Long and short days

Long day (8am-6pm)                   £58.00 (saving £5)

Short day (9am-6pm)                  £54.00 (save £2.15)
Short day (8am-5pm)                  £55.00 (save £2.15)

15- and 30- hours Government Funding 

All children are entitled to 15 hours per week funding from the government the term after they turn three. This is automatically arranged for you through the nursery. 


If you wish to claim for 30 hours you need to apply through www.childcarechoices.gov.uk . 


*Additional charges apply for every extra hour accessed over the universal 15 or 12 hours (if you are full time) 

From September 2020 this is £1 for each hour you claim of the extended entitlement funding.

For example if you are term time only and your child does 28 hours per week (4x 9-4 session) then you’d pay £13 per week for the 13 hours over the universal 15 hour’s. 

Any hours booked over your funding will be charged at the hourly rate, £5.85. 


Extra activities 

All extra activities are currently charged at £1.50 per session, these extra activities are:

  • Bop About Dance

  • Active Trowbridge 


If your child attends a session when this additional activity takes places, the charge will be added to your invoice. 



*Fees are subject to an annual increase