We are open for 48 weeks a year, between 8am-6pm.

We have a variety of sessions to choose from, including part-time and full-time.


The children will be offered a snack mid morning and afternoon and wherever possible, they will be involved in preparing their own snacks using safety knives. Snacks will promote healthy eating such as, fruit, breadsticks, carrot sticks, crackers etc...




Bright Stars Preschool was opened in Westbury in March 2012 after a huge demand for childcare spaces at Bright Stars Nursery. We are on The Woodland Industrial Estate, just across the road from Bright Stars Nursery and next door to Splodges. We are a small and welcoming setting that can care for up to 24 children aged between 2-5 years and are open term-time only between the hours of 8.30am-3.30pm. If you require full-day care, please speak to the manager as this can be offered at Bright Stars Nursery.


We have a good size garden that the children have easy access to daily which includes a separate area for our younger children. See the Outdoor Play section for more information.


Pixies-2-3 years

Elves-3-5 years

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" I am very pleased with how well my son Troy has settled at the pre-school. The staff are lovely, very kind and helpful. The pre-school is very clean and well maintained, my child comes out full of smiles, he has a fantastic time with the other children and staff. All in all I am very happy with the staff and the quality of the pre-school."  (Toddler parent, Claire Hudd)

"We have found the staff to be very helpful, warm and welcoming. Management is very approachable and we feel the pre-school setting is well run.

The environment is ideal for our child, they provide lots of entertainment indoors and out and it is a safe, fun environment for the children. The pre-school is very up to date on their policies and procedures and we have no worries or concerns. I feel our child is given plenty of activities to do each day and really enjoys their time at Bright Stars.

They have made us feel very comfortable in the care they provide and we are very happy to send our child there." (Pre-school parent, Louise Barnes)