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Elves and Pixie Walk

This morning Elves and Pixies enjoyed a walk out into the local environment.

On our walk the children paid great interest to the environment, commenting on what they could see and hear.

We went though a wooded area and the children could hear the Gruffalo snoring, they found a tree stump and said that this was his house, they found a great big nut which they examined and could see the little brown mouse's teeth marks in.

Further on our walk we noticed a variety of different coloured trees which prompted discussion on colours; " This one has pink blossom on it, pink is my favourite colour." " This one is a light green, but that one is a dark green as his leaves are darker."

The children were fascinated with seeing their own shadows whilst we were walking along the road, we stopped and talked about shadows, they were able to talk about size and could tell me that Shelley's shadow was bigger than there's because she is big and they are small.

They also heard lots of different noises during the walk; these included - Helicopters, aeroplanes, sirens, pigeons and motor bikes.

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