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Elves & Pixie Train

Elves and Pixies have had a fantastic morning outside, developing and extending their imagination.

This started with the children making a train by holding on to each others waists, the leader of the train led them round the garden looking at what they could see.

A child spotted the wooden train so decided that they should all sit on that train instead. However, they realised there wasn't enough seats or space for all of them, working as a team they added crates from the construction area to the back of the train, they counted the seats to make sure there was enough for everyone to sit on, we counted from 1-15.

When on the train they asked the driver to take them to the seaside. They got off the train and held each others hands to cross the very busy road to the beach. In the sea they saw a boat, fish, sharks and a whale.

After their busy trip they decided they were hungry so found a restaurant, this prompted discussion about their favourite foods, the favourites were fish and chips or burger and chips.

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