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Welly Walking

The Lions went on an sunny Autumn Welly Walk this morning!

We noticed that the leaves were changing colour on the trees and that some had fallen off. We also spotted a squirrel in a tall tree!

We found a huge conker tree on our walk and had lots of fun collecting conkers into our baskets to bring back to nursery!

We spotted our shadows and decided to find out who had the tallest shadow by standing in a line!

We even had time for a quick play in the park!

Some of the things the children said when we were out: 'We need to be careful of the stinging nettles don't we' 'I can hear a bird!' 'Look its a squirrel' 'I've found lots of shiny ones' 'Can I take some home?' 'Can I climb up and get the squirrel?'

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