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Sun Cream & Sun Protection Policy

We now have bottles of Calypso, once a day factor 40SPF lotion for sale at the setting, if anybody would like to purchase a bottle for £7. Please see Jackie if you would like to purchase a bottle.

We wanted to elaborate on our previous post regarding changes to our Sun Protection Policy and Sun cream, a full copy of the policy will be available for parents.

We want to ensure that the children stay as cool as possible during the summer months whilst still accessing the outside environment, and our policy and risk assessment ensure that they can stay safe in the sun.

We aim to provide areas of shade in the nursery garden with the use of natural shade, event shelters, gazeboes and sun umbrellas. We encourage children playing outdoors to stay in the shade as much as possible.

Our outside classroom areas provide shade and where applicable have UV protected roofs. We provide children with plenty of drinking water and encourage them to drink more than usual when conditions are hot. Outdoor drink stations will be provided during very hot weather.

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