The children will be offered a snack mid morning and afternoon and wherever possible, they will be involved in preparing their own snacks using safety knives. Snacks will promote healthy eating such as, fruit, breadsticks, carrot sticks, crackers etc.

We offer a drink of milk and fresh drinking water will be available at all times. 


At mealtimes, we encourage all the children to sit round a table together and promote independence and healthy eating habits. The practitioners support the children to hand the cups out, pour their own drinks and choose their snacks. 


If your child attends over the lunchtime session, we ask that you provide them with a healthy packed lunch. We ask that you help us by avoiding nuts and peanut butter just in case other children have allergies. We also ask that you do not include fizzy drinks or sweets. The nursery can offer ideas and guidance on what to include in your child's lunch box.