9 Jul 2019

Thank you to the Daddies that attended Baby Bears postponed Father's Day event last week! We had a lovely session and the children really enjoyed sharing some activities with thier Daddies. We explored the sand pit with diggers, used dabber pens to make marks, transpor...

8 Jul 2019

We hope you enjoy our next story theme, whilst waiting for your child’s session to start.
We are just waiting for the tiger to arrive!!

2 Jul 2019

The Munchkins have something to tell you... We now have "Big Fat Caterpillars!" Whilst harvesting the pea's that we have grown in the garden a child spotted a caterpillar. "He's a big fat caterpillar now. Will he go into his cocoon soon?" The children all asked. 

We ha...

27 Jun 2019

We found a very hungry caterpillar! 

Whilst picking our pea's in the garden we found somebody had been eating them! One of the children then spotted the caterpillar.

"He's eating our peas!" Laughed all the children.

We all talked about what would happen to the caterpill...

22 Jun 2019

We have been busy getting ready for today’s Den Building Day, the sun is shining and we will soon be lighting the fire pit!

We look forward to seeing the amazing dens that you will build with your child.

13 Jun 2019

The Tigers and the Munchkins enjoyed playing outside in the rain this morning, wearing our muddy puddle suits and waterproof trousers we were able to jump in lots of muddy puddles!

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