About Bright Stars Childcare and Education Limited

Bright Stars Nursery was first developed in 2008 by Laura Prior-Mangum when the need for a quality full day care nursery in Westbury was identified . Bright Stars 1 opened in April 2008 within The White Horse Children's Centre and it didn't take us long to develop a very good local reputation, so a year later we expanded and opened a second site in Westbury, Bright Stars Nursery 2.

Bright Stars Nursery is a family run business and we work hard to ensure we provide the best possible care for young children. We offer a wide range of full and part time places and open 8am-6pm, 48 weeks of the year.

Our mission is to encourage and support the development of each individual child, helping them to become confident and independent learners.  We put a strong emphasis on working in partnership with parents and welcome them to be part of the nursery.

All the staff working at Bright Stars have, or are working towards their Level 3 in Childcare and Education. They all have a wealth of experience of working with children.

 We aim to make each room an inspiring place for children to play with different areas of interest. This includes a quiet, comfortable area where children will have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and rest and a creative area where children can access their own resources. We have designed each room to ensure that children can access the resources and take charge of their learning.

We understand children all learn in a variety of ways so we allow them to choose how they spend their time whilst at nursery. We provide them with plenty of opportunity to play outside. The older children can choose how they spend their time by providing free-flow play between indoors and outdoors.

 Both our nurseries are inspected by OFSTED and you can find an up to date report on the Oftsed website. 

Update: Both Bright Stars 1 and 2 were inspected by Ofsted on 7/8/12 and were given an OUTSTANDING rating!

Some of the comments in the reports include:

"The nursery's highly qualified and experienced management leads an ambitious staff team who strive to provide excellent outcomes for children" BS1

"Skilful interaction and planning from staff is the strength of the nursery and enables all children to become confident communicators" BS1

"Managers and staff build outstanding partnerships with parents and keep them central to their child's learning" BS1

"Children are extremely confident to initiate their learning and benefit from an extensive range of well planned exciting activities " BS2

"Overall, children develop a strong sense of belonging and high self-esteem because staff value each child as a unique individual" BS2

"Children enjoy an extensive range of outdoor activities and exercise, such as large scale painting, bug hunts and gardening" BS2


Bright Stars Nursery 1

Bright Stars Nursery 2